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UNCITRAL and the Law Council

The Law Council has recognised the important work being undertaken by Australian lawyers in relation to UNCITRAL’s activities by supporting the creation of an UNCITRAL Coordinator in Australia in 2013. 

Australian lawyers have an interest in developing harmonized laws to minimise transaction costs in international trade, as well as supporting developing nations in our region to participate in the expanding global economy through the adoption of uniform trade law texts of the type developed by UNCITRAL.

In 2012 the RACP commissioned Sydney solicitor and barrister Tim Castle to provide a report on strategic opportunities for increased participation by Australia in the work of UNCITRAL, in the development, adoption and implementation of uniform trade laws, both in Australia and in our region. 

The decision to establish an UNCITRAL Coordinator was a direct result of consultations between Mr Castle, the Law Council, the Australian Government and other stakeholders, in connection with that report. Subsequently in September 2013, Mr Castle subsequently took up the honorary role as UNCITRAL Coordinator role, and is supported in this role by a Committee comprising representatives of the Law Council, as well as leading practitioners and academics interested in the work of UNCITRAL.