UNCCA Fellowship

Members of UNCCA are known as ‘UNCCA Fellows’.

Benefits of joining as an UNCCA Fellow

As a Fellow of UNCCA you will be provided with a range of benefits including opportunities to:

  • provide feedback and contribute to the activities of UNCCA;
  • participate in UNCCA Fellow exclusive events;
  • be invited to speak at functions, seminars, symposia or expert group meetings;
  • be invited to attend further UNCITRAL working groups;
  • enjoy significant networking opportunities.

Sign up to be an UNCCA Fellow

Membership as a fellow of UNCCA is open to individuals who have:

  1. Attended at a meeting of an UNCITRAL Working Group at any time; or
  2. Attended at two or more official UNCITRAL events outside Australia for a combined total of at least 4 days (Seminars, Symposia, Expert Group meetings) at any time; or
  3. Made a regular and active contribution as a member of the executive committee of the NCC or in the work of the Company for at least 12 months; or
  4. Been otherwise approved by a majority of the board.

To support the efforts of UNCCA in holding yearly events, membership also requires payment of an annual membership fee of $200 (calendar year basis), or:

  1. Full-time academics and government officers – 25% discount ($150);
  2. Full-time students – 75% discount ($50).

A person admitted to ordinary membership of UNCCA is entitled, in addition to the rights accorded to members in the Constitution, to:

  1. call himself or herself a ‘Fellow of UNCCA’ and to receive a certificate of membership;
  2. be eligible for invitation to the annual UNCITRAL Seminar without payment of a registration fee;
  3. be offered such other reduced rates as the Board may decide for other events organised or sponsored by the Company.

To apply for membership as a fellow, please fill out the membership form and return it to UNCCA at membership@uncca.org.au

If you haven’t fulfilled any of the criteria in categories a – d above, not to worry! You can become an associate member of UNCCA  and be kept up to date with our events and outcomes by email. Click here for more information on associate membership.

Contact us

If you have any other questions about getting involved with UNCCA, please contact UNCCA at info@uncca.org.au